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Are You Selling a Highly Appreciated Asset?

Helping You Make More and Keep More

The Alpha III Wealth team zeros in on financially protecting what you have worked hard to earn and build. We create tax mitigation strategies and wealth management plans to help protect your assets from unnecessary taxation and provide income through our Alpha III TaxGuard® process.

The Alpha III TaxGuard® process begins with evaluating the asset you are selling, exploring potential tax avoidance solutions, and designing a wealth management plan based on your needs and specifications. We accomplish this by working in collaboration with your existing CPA and Attorney. We build our process by analyzing tax strategies used successfully for decades by investors who have faced high taxation on assets they sold. 

Designed as a straightforward process, we help the seller control their taxes at closing, keep more cash in their pocket, a process we enjoy referring to as disinheriting the IRS. Typically, if we can eliminate or defer taxation, it means you have more assets to provide more income for you and your family.

Let us help coach you through our Alpha III TaxGuard® process and bring confidence to your financial future!


Understand the type of asset you are selling.


What are the potential tax mitigation strategies? We love disinheriting the IRS!


Not a Cookie Cutter approach. A comprehensive wealth management plan based on your needs and specifications.